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Home Training

Are you someone who gets scared of the idea of using a gym?

The thought of having to exercise with lots of other people around and equipment you have absolutely no idea how to use? Hiring a personal trainer to come to your home is the perfect way to overcome this.


Home Training

Gym Training

Gym training is very beneficial if you are looking...

to use cardio machines, resistant machines and free weights. This is something a trainer cannot take to your home, so instead one of our trainers can meet you at your local gym or fitness studio.


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Outdoor Training

During the warmer seasons people prefer to exercise outdoors.

So why not have a trainer with you in the process. Park benches, pathways, and just a patch of grass and a fit Pros Trainer can give you an amazing fitness session.


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Nutritional Advice

Our personal trainers will advise you on correct Nutrition.

All of our personal trainers nationwide are qualified in giving nutritional advice, they are of second to none when writing up bespoke weekly nutrition plans for their clients.



Specialist Areas

We can cater for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

All our personal trainers hold advanced qualifications in the fields of health, fitness and wellbeing. However some of the Fit Pros Personal Training Team...


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Personal Trainer Opportunities

Currently seeking freelance trainers nationwide.

We are currently seeking freelance personal trainers nationwide to join our already successful team of trainers across the UK. Fit Pros is a company that puts clients...


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Personal Trainers - Hire a Fit Pros Mobile Personal Trainer

At Fit Pros we understand that not everyone wants to visit a gym where they will be surrounded by strangers who may all be more experienced in the use of the equipment there. If you would like a more personal and affordable approach to training, you can work out in the comfort of your own home by hiring one of our qualified, mobile personal trainers.

A mobile personal trainer can assess your specific fitness requirements, arrive fully prepared at your home with the latest gym equipment and more importantly teach you how to us it. If you have your own gym equipment that’s great but if not, your personal trainer will have hand weights, boxing gloves, fit and medicine balls, skipping ropes and dynabands to mention just a few, all at your disposal.

Having your own mobile personal trainer affords many benefits including:

• You don’t have to sign up for gym membership or pay the associated fees
• One on one personal training
• Training in the correct use of gym equipment
• Fitness program specifically designed for you
• Flexible timing to suit your busy lifestyle

Most of us know the benefits of keeping fit and at one time a personal trainer was only affordable to celebrities and those in a high income bracket. However, times have changed dramatically and today the cost of home training services in terms of time and money is much more attractive than gym membership.

Home training is more comfortable and after training you can use your own shower, and relax in comfort without the hassle of travelling home from the gym. Many people are beginning to see the many benefits of personal training at home as a lifestyle choice. Why don’t you join them?

Call us to discuss your specific fitness requirements and book a free home training consultation with one of our Fit Pros Mobile Personal Trainers.